how to call an audible in madden 16

Отговор 1:

Blue 42 is a play call by the Quarterback, either an “audible” or a decoy.

An audible is when the QB sees the defensive shell and decides that the play that’s called isn’t ideal, so they shift into a different play on the fly. Usually every single line up has one or two audible plays that they can shift into…say you have a pass play where the #1 receiver is doing a double move going deep, and your slot receiver is doing a deep slant and #2 receiver is doing a deep flag. The defense comes out with a Tampa 2 look, so he changes the play at the line to go to an inside hand off.

It can mean nearly anything — that the QB wants the slot receiver to run a slant or they are shifting to an inside hand-off…the tricky thing about sports is that if a play call is the same, the other team is going to figure it out. Every single line up has multiple plays and options and the only reason to run the same play more than once is to fool the defense into opening up a different option.

Trying to say that it definitely means something is a fool’s errand since a team would never use the same actual play call twice (though it could mean something other than a play call, see below). Though, if I was to say something like: Green 37, green 37, BLUE 42!

It could be an audible to one play or it could mean that the next call will be the play and I’m going to an audible.

But if I say: Green 37, Red 14, BLUE 42!

It would be a decoy and you need to run the initial play.

Or if I say: BLUE 42! BLUE 42!…BLUE 42!

I could just be trying to get the defense to jump offsides and you knew that already because we discussed it in the huddle.

Here’s an even more detailed look at how this works:

"BLUE 42" might be the start of a valid west coast play call, but you'd never call that at the line.
The cadence ("BLUE 42") isn't going to contain a play call -- it's going to contain enough information to tell the team when the snap is coming and maybe an indication of whether you're going with the run or pass option in the huddle play. If the cadence is interrupted with an audible word ("OMAHA" or "ALASKA" or "KILL KILL") then the team either knows what (pre-arranged) play to run, or they have to listen for a play call.
West Coast uses much more complex play calls than "BLUE 42". In West Coast, the colors are formations with skill positions, and the route numbering is well known. You'd never call a West Coast play ("Green right strong slot spider 2 Y banana") at the line with the defense listening; you'd package it as "RASCAL" or something and then audible into it. If you see the defense aligned to stop the play you're planning to run, you might use a bluff call to see if you can make them think you've adjusted the play.
Erhardt-Perkins uses pre-built plays/audibles that are a little trickier -- for example "GHOST" could mean a 'levels' concept and "DRAGON" could mean two streaks -- so the QB can bring the team to the line in a bunch-left formation with the RB in the backfield, and then turn to the RB, motion him into the right-hand slot, and call "LEFT GHOST DRAGON". The guys in the bunch formation knew their routes coming to the line, and now they know they've got new responsibilities. Some of those formation packages are bluff-words though, so "GHOST" might also mean "left side run the routes we agreed to". Now when the defense tries to anticipate, they'll hear "GHOST" but the left side will run a different set of routes.

Yeah, but why “blue 42”??

In pop culture it got started in a few movies, likely copying what they heard during games.

The first time I remember hearing it was in the movie

Necessary Roughness

, the Quarterback Jeff Blake (Scott Bakula) used “Blue 42” all the time for an audible.

In Ace Ventura the dolphin trainer uses “Blue 42” with the mascot to “kick” a field goal:

Blue 42, blue 42!

I’m pretty sure as a result of these two movies this particular audible call gained widespread popularity, much like how Peyton Manning’s: “OMAHA” call is now ingrained in pop culture.

Yes, football is really complicated, all the codes, the fake codes, having to remember everyone’s responsibilities for every play and every change of a play and do it with a second’s notice while only having about 20 seconds in between plays to set up the next one isn’t easy.

Отговор 2:

"Blue 42" is an audible call for a predefined play. Very basic play calling may include RED for right and BLUE for left (or some other pair of words) and numbers to identify the formation and play. Starting at the center position, each gap to the left is an even number and to the right is odd (sometimes vice versa), and the backfield each has a number (QB 1, FB 2, HB 3, Slot 4, etc.). The first number is the position and the second is the gap. So, BLUE 42 could be a base run play, formation probably strong left, with a running back going through the #2 gap.

Отговор 3:

When a quarterback calls out phrases such as “Green 17” and “Blue 42”, they may be encoded instructions to the offense to do something. “Blue 42” just rhymes, and because of that, it’s used as a generic play call.

Отговор 4:

Blue 42 is an audible play signaling a certain formation to run against the defense. Blue is meaning the #4 player is rolling to his left through the 2nd A gap for positive yardage.

Отговор 5:

Just QB changing play or making Defense think He is. The good QBs are able to call best play against what He thinks is Defensive formation. Must also call blocking scemes. It's a game within a game. It's what makes it so great a game.

Отговор 6:

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