how to beat shudderwock

Отговор 1:

Look, it’s not an overpowered card: it’s actually rather difficult to get it to work properly. Making an OTK Shudderwock is an elaborate combo, that requires playing rather weak cards for the rest of the game. You have to fight to stay alive. And if my recent experiences are anything to go by, any reasonably aggressive deck can easily defeat a Shudderwock deck.

That being said, if Shudderwock gets nerfed in response to a lot of Hearthstone players crying that the combo is too powerful (which it isn’t), Shudderwock will probably be nerfed by changing Grumble (an essential piece of the OTK combo) so that the minions it returns to your hand cost two, instead of one, meaning that you can’t play multiple Shudderwocks in a single turn.

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Отговор 2:


Shudderwock Shaman is just a worst version of pre-2018 Quest Mage, and Quest Mage was a tier two deck, at best.

Currently, Warlock and Paladin decks are dominant with a 55% average winrate, leaving all the other classes (Shaman included), at a 47% winrate.

Ok sure, Shudderwock (the card) is overpowered, but Shaman (the class) seriously sucks, so they sorta cancel each other out. And since Shudderwock Shaman excels against control-oriented decks, the rise of aggro would only further drive down the deck’s winrate.

So although Shudderwock Shaman can be incredibly fustrating to deal with (I would know. I’m a fatigue warrior main), I really can’t see Blizzard nerfing Shudderwock any time soon.

Отговор 3:


If they do, it wouldn’t be anytime soon. In my poor memory, i’ve not recalled any cards being nerf during their own 2 years. They might be nerf it only after, like what happen to Patches and Raza.

Currently, Shudderwock decks are extremely effective against slow deck, but extremely weak against aggro and aggro happens to be in the top meta as well.

For Shudderwock to work, all important battercry cards MUST be played. If you fail to play it enough or at all, you may not win that match.

In essence, Shudderwock decks are very similar to quest mage in the past. You played all the cards you require and then end with Archmage and quest.

Failing to activate any key cards for any reasons or in time, will result in a loss of game. Do you see hs nerfing quest mage back then?

Some decks are extremely strong against other decks and in turn extremely weak against other type of decks. Perhaps you can consider changing your deck to another type if you kept facing shudderwock

Отговор 4:

If they nerf Shudderwock, they will do it either be increasing the mana cost or by nerfing cards that enable Shudderwock, ex. Battlecry minions like Saronite Chain Gang.

More likely Blizzard will print better aggro and midrange cards in the coming expansion, to defeat control decks like Shudderwock. They’ve done this before. Before Knights of the Frozen Throne, aggro and midrange decks were king. Pirate Warrior was especially strong. But then Blizzard printed anti-aggro cards, and aggro died.

Отговор 5:

It has now been nerfed, by changing Saronite Chain Gang from creating a copy to creating another Saronite Chain Gang, thus removing the possibility of creating multiple Shudderwocks, and especially of creating new Shudderwocks costing only 1 mana (with Grumble)