how to beat general grievous in lego star wars

Отговор 1:

The different versions of Grievous are practically separate characters.

2003 Clone Wars Grievous destroys Maul using one lightsaber. He defeated 7 Jedi on Hypori, 5 at the same time. Included in those 5 are Ki-Adi Mundi, Shaak Ti, Aayla Secura, and K’Kruhk, all not too far below Maul in terms of combat ability. This using only two Sabers, and without taking a hit.

Then, when the ARC troopers arrived, he slaughtered 4 of them. The same kind that did this:

In a later scene, Dooku is practice dueling with him, and barely managing to stay on top.

In the next scene where he actually fights, it’s against two senate guards and at least fifteen clone troopers. It goes something like this:

As for durability, he survives this:

Later, he corners Palpatine and his escort of two Jedi Masters. The fight ends like this:

Then Shaak Ti attacks him, and he defeats her in about three seconds, using one lightsaber.

Grievous loses against two people he encounters: Dooku and Windu, both very powerful characters. Both times they used the force.

In a straight saber fight, I doubt anyone could withstand this version of Grievous, and we know Maul prefers to approach combat in that way.

The Dark Horse Comics incarnation beats Maul in a good fight, using two Sabers. This version never beat multiple council members at once, but he was still perfectly capable of defeating Jedi Masters.

and he killed Adi Gallia, which has got to count for something.

The Grievous we get to see in Revenge of the Sith I’m leaning toward, but it would take all four Sabers, and he would probably lose a hand or two. My reasoning is that Maul fought Kenobi when he was an old man, and lost quickly.

Whereas Grievous took him on in his prime and put up a fight that lasted for a few minutes.

2008 Clone Wars Grievous loses all four arms, both his legs, and then Maul spares him out of pity. 2008 Grievous has no impressive feats. He’s not able to take on a single Jedi without his magnaguards. He lost to the same padawan twice, and has yet to best anyone by himself that is not an unnamed clone trooper. He has less confirmed Jedi kills than Cad Bane in this show, and Adi Gallia was retconned to be killed by Savage Opress. Savage #[email protected]*ing Opress.

Отговор 2:

If we follow only the cannon I think the answer is pretty clear, and that is that Maul would win. Most Griveous vs any powerful force user questions usually do not favor Griveous. That’s mainly because in a light saber duel being force sensitive offers an incredible advantage. From the obvious physical uses like force grip, push etc, to an increase in strength and agility and also very important: the ability to predict and analyze the moves of your opponent much faster, the force offers so much in terms of fighting capabilities.

I know this argument has been used a thousand times and it may seem lazy to just say “*Griveous loses because he is not force sensitive” *but the argument is so prevalent because well it is true. And even Dooku admitted this while training Grievous: *“If you are to succeed in combat against the best of the Jedi you must have fear, surprise, and intimidation on your side. For if any one element is lacking, it would be best for you to retreat! You must break them before you engage them. Only then will you have your trophy…”. *

Yes, Grievous was a great and competent duelist and being a cyborg had it’s advantages. He also managed to defeat even some skilled Jedi’s and was a force to be reckoned with, but in any duel he fought he had to rely on *surprise and intimidation. *In other words it was essential that his opponent is afraid of him before the actual confrontation took place. Of course that an inexperienced Jedi (or just one that lacked confidence) would be afraid of a really tall and menacing four-armed cyborg known as an Jedi killer. Then again Darth Maul was a Sith apprentice at the least. Even at the TPM time Maul was trained by one if not the most powerful force user at that time. I don’t think it is necessary to go over Maul training but what is important is that he was trained to always fight against unfavorable odds. While he did use the force mainly for enhancing his physical capabilities, we’ve seen in the CW series that he could also use the telekinetic aspect as well. Not to mention he too used aggression and intimation as his weapons to fuel his connection to the dark side. In no way would Maul ever feel intimated by Grievous I even think quite the opposite would happen.

I agree tho that taking Obi-Wan for comparison purposes it’s not fair since Maul fought him and Qui-Gon when they lacked any battle experience. Moreover Obi-Wan became one of the best duelist during the Clone War period, on par with Windu in my opinion. But they still are at least a testament of Maul strength, while Grievous duel with Obi-Wan and almost all his battles from the Clone War animated series, while maybe silly and unfair, portrait his shortcomings quite well, that against an skilled and confident force user Grievous didn’t stand much chance.

I don’t think you can tell but actually I really liked Grievous, and hate how he was written in the CW series. His menacing persona and appearance, his enhanced agility and fighting prowess make him quite the villain (quite similar to Maul himself) but his overall strength as a fighter can never reach the potential of a force user. In the end what would be the point of being able to use to force in combat so proficiently as Maul, if an individual (doesn’t matter how enhanced he may be) would be able to defeat him in single combat?

Отговор 3:

Darth Maul easily. Fun fact: They already fought in Son of Dathomir and Maul emerged victorious multipule times. Ill explain why Maul would win every time.

Darth Maul has undergone years of serious training in the ways of the darkside by Sidious, who actually planned for Maul to be his true apprentice, not a placeholder like Dooku. Maul had the potential to become stronger than Sidious. Sidious considers Maul stronger than Dooku.

Sidious also considers Maul to be a important assest and considers him a loss.

Darth Maul was briefly able to combat Sidious in lightsaber combat and posed a great threat to him. He can actually duel strong Jedi like Obi-Wan and beat them. Also can duel skilled combatants like Mace Windu and Aayka Secura simultaneously. Maul can survive being cut in half and sent down hundreds of feet into a garbage shaft.

Grievous on the other hand is a non-force sensative who's only skill comes from spinning lightsabers. He is very overrated and can not beat any accomplished Jedi Masters. He has lost against every single skilled duelist like Kit Fisto, Ventress, Obi-Wan, Windu, etc.

Grievous lost to Obi-Wan. Maul stalemated and defeated Obi-Wan on multiple occasions. Therefore Maul>Obi-Wan>Grievous.Yes Obi-Wan defeated Maul on Tatooine, but evidence shows Maul was fatigued from constant travel in the sandstrom while Obi-Wan was fresh and rested.

People will say that 2003 Greivous defeated multiple Jedi Masters. May I remind you that Shaak Ti and Ki adi Mundi are not what we call good duelists. Grievous also has no defence against force attacks.

The only reason why Maul sometimes loses is because he is overconfident. Otherwise, I believe he would win every single lightsaber duel he lost except against Sidious. Maul can endure weak force lightning and can destroy a Republic Star Destroyer. Grievous can kick people around and twirl lightsabers. No comparison.

Maul wins 10\10

Отговор 4:

Ok let's think about this,

Darth Maul- Sith apprentice to Darth Sidious and master to Savage. He has taken on Qui-Gon Jin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Inquisitors, Darth Sidious, and a few other Jedi that I can't recall the names of.

General Grievous- Apprentice to Count Dooku and Sidious, Hunter to all Jedi. He has fought Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Asajj Ventress, Kit Fisto, Ahsoka Tano, and many more.

Overall, General Grievous can- and WILL, win. I believe in this for a few main reasons

  1. He has fought Obi-Wan to a draw on far more than one occasion
  2. He faced Mace Windu to a fair draw
  3. He has battled and beaten Ventress w/ little ease
  4. He had a tussle w/ Kit Fisto and his apprentice Nahdar who had a group of clones with them while managing to kill Nahdar and most of the group of clones troopers except for the Captain (coincidences) but was ultimately forced to flee upon Kit Fisto being in his prime and was aware of Grievous's appearance the entire time he was enaged w/ the General
  5. He has taken on 4 Padawans and 2 senior Jedi (Daakman Barrek, Ki-Adi-Mundi) and managed to kill 3 Padawans and a single senior Jedi
  6. He was trained by Count Dooku, who battled Ventress and was mentored by Darth Sidious who electricuted the living shit out of Maul and Sidious also fought Anakin and Yoda along with Mace Windu…


Отговор 5:

Frankly I would consider it a tossup.

To me when I evaluate Star Wars characters in hypothetical “who wins what”, I tend to mix both the Disney Canon and Legends universe versions together.

Tyrannus trained Grievous in all seven forms of lightsaber combat, and advocated using speed, surprise, and fear to get the upper hand in a fight. And based on that training, I would then submit that if this is Mauls first time dueling Grievous hypothetically, he stands at a disadvantage due to not having dealt with Grievous’s style of fighting before. If you look at the 2003 series, in his first “combat appearance”, ie duel with Jedi where some of his opponents survived, he took on seven Jedi, half of them Masters and two were seated members of the Jedi Council, killed four of them (yes, even though one later proved to have survived he still took him out of the fight and took his lightsaber), and injured the rest of them. His downfall was when he was unable to intimidate his opponents, which became more noticeable the more frequently he dueled Jedi that survived his attacks (Kenobi, Windu, and Fisto are some examples), of which Grievous was further put at a disadvantage if his foes were good at defensive lightsaber techniques or were able to multitask and be capable of holding their own in a duel while also using force techniques at the same time.

Maul certainly is no slouch either. He took out Qui-Gon Jinn, along with Adi Gallia, both Jedi Master’s and respected duelists. He also managed to successfully duel multiple dualists at once, whether it was Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan or Obi-Wan/Asajj, he has the skills necessary to keep track of multiple foes and hold his ground, a skill absolutely necessary to keep up with Grievous. While not using Force techniques frequently to attack opponents, he uses the Force to enhance his already aggressive lightsaber skills, allowing him to sail into opponents quickly and without mercy.

In the end, like I said, it’s a 50/50 tossup. If Grievous manages to successfully get the drop on Maul and catch him off guard, he stands a good chance of ending the fight quickly. On the other end of the spectrum, I would also say Grievous would win the long battle through attrition since cybernetics do not tire even compared to Force enhanced physique. If Maul can survive the initial attack and respond with his Force abilities before the duel gets dragged out for an extended period of time, then Grievous is done for.

Отговор 6:

Well, I dont know who dthe deathwatch is or are. General Grievous has a bad fame ever since Star Wars 3. And even then, he also came close to killing Obiwan, so much that he had to shoot him. But I like to focus on him before that. He is very strong and very fast because of his droid body. So much that its hard to hit him, even with the force. He is an master of surprise, and knows well how to coordinate and combine attacks, martial arts, and movements. I mean, in the series, watching him fight was like sword fighting, kung fu and capoeira all at the same time. He also uses the place to his advantage, keeping distance, closing in, walking/running on walls. He usually uses only two arms at a time, saves the other two for surprising the enemy further on in the fight, or when he is at a disadvantage. They say he isnt force sensitive, although he is part organic, and even some droids are force sensitive. But even the ones non force sensitive can be a bit of a challenge. So that plus the possibility of Grievus having some sense of the force.

Darth Maul still wins most of times. Although, Grievus still holds up. Darth Maul is as well very skilled in lightsaber duel, and he can use the force in ways that the jedi wouldnt. He is also more familiar with the ways of the sith, thus making Grievus s techniques less effective. Also, Grievus was trained by Dooku, Maul was trained by Sidius. And Maul basically defeated Quai Gon and Obiwan at the same time. Not to say Grievus didnt kill multiple jedi knights at the same time, but these are two of the best ones ever. So, I give it a 60% chance Maul would win.

Отговор 7:

This fight is actually closer than many ppl are making it out to be. First I’ll be using canon Grievous then I’ll be using EU.

Canon Grievous vs Maul.

In canon, Maul and Grievous have fought 3 times during the son of Dathomir comics and the outcomes have all been pretty different:

First fight:

There is no clear winner in this fight. However Grievous managed to land a hit on Maul and Maul did not. I’ll give this one to Grievous.

Grievous 1 / Maul 0

Second fight:

Maul clearly stomped him here. He could’ve even killed him if he wanted to.

Grievous 1 / Maul 1

Last fight:

Maul appears to win this one as well.

Grievous 1 / Maul 2

Overall, Maul wins against canon Grievous.

And now EU Grievous.

Maul and Grievous never actually fought in the EU. However Grievous’ EU feats place him above Maul.

In the Labyrinth of evil novel, Grievous managed to stalemate Mace Windu while Grievous’ movements were being restricted.

“Without pausing, Grievous drew two lightsabers from inside his billowing cloak. By the time they were ignited, Mace was already on and all over the cyborg, batting away at the two blades, swinging low at Grievous's artificial legs, thrusting at his skeletal face.

The lightsabers thrummed and hissed, meeting one another in bursts of dazzling light. In a corner of Mace's mind he wondered to which Jedi Grievous's blades had belonged. Just as the Force was keeping Mace from being blown from the mag-lev's roof, magnetism of some sort was keeping the general fastened in place. For the cyborg, though, the coherence hindered as much as it helped, whereas Mace never remained in one place for very long. Again and again the three blades joined, in snarling attacks and parries.

As Mace already knew from Ki-Adi-Mundi and Shaak Ti, Grievous was well trained in the Jedi arts. He could recognize the hand of Dooku in the general's training and technique. His strikes were as forceful as any Mace had ever had to counter, and his speed was astonishing.

But he didn't know Vaapad-the technique of dark flirtation in which Mace excelled.


The loss of his confederates was noted by whatever computers were slaved to Grievous's organic brain, but the loss neither distracted nor slowed him. His sole setting was attack. Successful at analysing Mace's lightsaber style, those same computers suggested that Grievous alter his stance and posture, along with the angle of his parries, ripostes, and thrusts.

The result wasn't Vaapad, but it was close enough, and Mace wasn't interested in prolonging the contest any longer than necessary.

Crouching low, he angled the blade downward and slashed, guiding it through the roof of the car, perpendicular to Grievous's stalwart advance.”

Mace Windu is a far more powerful opponent than Maul.

Overall, EU Grievous wins against Maul.

Отговор 8:

It all depends on clarifying one simple change. Are we using Grievous from Legends, or from the canon.

General Grievous in legends is a ruthless killing machine unmatched by most. Despite being non-force sensitive, General Grievous is able to take down multiple Jedi single handedly. In his two appearances in the 2003 clone wars, [Legends] General Grievous easily bests 6 Jedi alone. one padawan, three knights/masters, and two high council members. Even after the Jedi are supported by clone commander Thorn with war machinery in hand, Ki-adi mundi and two other jedi barely escape with their lives in tact, the others are killed and their lightsabers collected. Note that in this battle General Grievous only used 2 arms, meaning he wasn’t even using his full power. In his second appearance he manages to capture the supreme chancellor on coruscant, despite resistance from multiple Jedi and Clones. General Grievous is such a potent force because of his cybernetics. Being almost completely droid, Grievous can move, strike and think faster than any opponent he faces. He was able to dodge a rocket launcher at point blank. His super computer of a mind allows him to master all 7 forms of lightsaber combat. General Grievous’ biggest weakness is he is not force sensitive, but his legs have a grapple mode that allows him to be completely unaffected by force telekinesis. Grievous’ biggest strength is his composure during battle, and as tyrannus had trained him, he relied heavily on fear and intimidation for his battle strategies. Grievous without fear is still a large threat, as shown as he was able to easily outmatch shaak’ti [Jedi high council member or Master I don’t remember], despite her being calm and collected. Grievous only used his four arms once in the 2003 show, and they proved to be extremely effective as he almost instantaneously subdued three jedi masters. In a one on one with Mace Windu, a rare Jedi who is able to use form 7 without use of the dark side, General Grievous forced him to retreat because of one of Grievous’ strongest abilities. Grievous has an impeccable ability to perfectly mimic any fighting style he battles against for any amount of time. [I urge anyone reading this to watch both of his appearances in the 2003 clone wars shows, you’ll understand what I am talking about.] Overall, General Grievous in legends is a calm killing machine, with counters to force attacks, mastery of all 7 lightsaber fighting styles, and faster movements and a lot quicker mind, then any jedi or sith in the star wars universe.

But then the new clone wars show came out. George Lucas’ idea for General Grievous in the original 2003 show was the type of villain who twirls his mustache and the runs away. His idea did not come to fruition, as he had much trouble painting Grievous how he wanted to, which can explain his lack of appearance in many of the episodes of the original show. When the show got rebooted, it was a fresh canvas for Lucas, and this time he succeeded in getting what he wanted. In the Canon clone wars, General Grievous is a bumbling idiot with subpar fighting skills and almost none of the skills he had previously possessed. Grievous is incompetent and overconfident. He is no longer the quiet machine of the last era, he now constantly talks, he loses to padawans in one on one combat, and all the anti-force measures, mastery of lightsaber combat and any hint of composure is gone. The only thing Grievous can do successfully in the canon is run away.

So there it is. If we are talking Maul vs Legends Grievous, you know full well Maul does not stand a chance one on one in any shape or form. The dude would have to have some serious backup if he wants to even dream of matching Grievous in a duel, especially if Grievous is in a bad mood and, god help him, uses all four of his arms. If the battle is between Maul and Canon Grievous, Grievous doesn’t last 20 seconds. Maul’s use of form 7 is to strong and reliant on the dark side of the force for Grievous to match, considering all his anti-force abilities are gone. At this point Grievous is stuck to a single fighting style with strategic advantage, with Maul obliterating him within minutes.

Отговор 9:

Darth Maul bested a Jedi Master in single combat. It was only his over-confidence that resulted in his defeat in Theed. Not to mention he was a villain that had to die for plot reasons.

Maul still had much to learn, during TPM, but he was very capable already. A double saber is not an easy weapon to wield as well. One wrong move and you can slice your own arm or leg off.

Grievous is a copy-cat. He was taught basic skills by Dooku but did not possess the talent really required to wield lightsabers effectively. He relied on intimidation to win. Attempting something similar to this, twirling your saber randomly showing off, in the Jedi temple would merit a whack on the head by your Master. My dear padawan, what the fuck was that?

It is scary to a Padawan, or a non-Jedi, but Obi-wan was able to quickly analyze it and defend accordingly, despite seeing it only for a few seconds.

Maul could effectively use his double saber to defend against 2 Jedi in a 2 on 1 battle.

Grievous would end up armless and legless at the end of their duel. Even if he brought his droids for backup.