borderlands 2 how to play krieg

Отговор 1:

I strongly disagree with the answer that Xander Holford gave for Borderlands 1.

Lilith is by far the best character of Borderlands 1.

First of all: Anytime you nearly die, you can just phasewalk and regenerate with Inner Glow, which is especially great for bosses. It also gives you the ability to flee a situation or run past enemies. And as you get to higher levels the cooldown of phasewalk becomes extremely short. You just won’t die, and that’s especially nice with bosses that fully regenerate when you die.

Secondly: The best weapons in this game are the SMGs, and Lilith has a classmod called Mercenary that gives you a huge damage bonus for SMGs, and also SMG ammo regeneration. She deals out the most damage of the four classes.

Thirdly: If you want to solo Crawmerax, you will want to use Lilith.

Second best would be Mordecai, with his powerful bird Bloodwing and his skills and classmod for pistols/revolvers. The sniper rifles are unfortunately too weak at higher levels.

Third best would be Roland. His turret isn’t very powerful and its cooldown takes forever. The ammo and health regeneration that his turret provides aren’t strong enough. His specialty is combat rifles. Huge magazines and quite powerful, but they lack the fast reload and the amount of elemental damage that Lilith and Mordecai get with SMGs, pistols, and revolvers.

Lastly, Brick. Annoying ability that is useless against bosses and often results in death when taking on mobs. His specialties are rocket Launchers and shotguns. Rocket launchers suck, and shotguns are very short range and like combat rifles have little elemental damage.

Borderlands 2: this isn’t so clear cut and this is more my personal opinion. The only thing that most people will agree on is that Salvador is the strongest.

  1. Salvador, because you can hold a Moxxi weapon in the offhand. A Grogg Nozzle (or even slag Rubi) gives you extra damage and lots of healing that way. Even without that, Salvador has a lot of survivability built into his skill trees. But on higher levels you will probably want to focus on the skills that give you more damage, because your healing will come from the Grogg Nozzle.
  2. Maya, she has strong healing, crowd control, res, elemental damage. I love phaselock! Maya is especially good in coop. She’s my favourite character out of all three main Borderlands games.
  3. Axton, his turrets are much more useful than Roland’s Scorpio Turret. It seems that everything in his skill tree is useful. Perfect character for new/young players.
  4. Gaige, I had great fun with her, very interesting skill trees. First playthrough was annoying, she has very little health regeneration. (perhaps I also died a lot because she was my first playthrough of the game), second playthrough Deathtrap killed everything and I had enough skillpoints to do interesting things. Then in the third playthrough Deathtrap isn’t strong enough and Gaige only does enough damage when you have lots of anarchy. Don’t die.
  5. Zero, his special ability is a bad version of Lilith’s phasewalk. He was also poorly designed with little ability to regenerate health. And sniper rifles just aren’t strong enough. His best skill, Bore, is very situational.
  6. Krieg, to be honest I haven’t played him very long. His skill trees have an absurd amount of confusing text. With Krieg, you need to keep attacking and pushing forward, which isn’t my playstyle. He’s high risk, high reward. I kind of enjoyed throwing buzzaxes. I’ve heard players say that Krieg is very powerful and that he’s also the least dependent on good gear because he can just use hiz buzz axe. So in terms of absolute power, he should probably be higher on the list. I just didn’t enjoy playing with him.

The Pre-Sequel:

The characters are very well-balanced and all have very interesting skill trees. I wish I could take these characters into Borderlands 2! This is overall the best set of characters of the three games. My list is probably based more on personal preference.

  1. Athena, her shield absorbs a lot of damage. Insane elemental damage is possible with her. She’s a bit boring though, I had more fun with Jack and Wilhelm.
  2. Jack (Timothy), strong Digi-Jacks, strong healing. Awesomely intricate skill trees.
  3. Wilhelm, the easy character. He can dish out and survive, his drones are useful. Like Axton, you can’t really mess up with choosing skills.
  4. Claptrap, also full of useful skills. His special skill is a bit hit and miss.
  5. Aurelia, the middle tree that has to do with freezing is really strong. But the tree for sniping is less useful (again, sniper rifles in Borderlands become too weak on higher levels). The third tree is for coop and doesn’t offer much for a lone player. And when you use it you will get annoyed trying to get somebody to sign your contract. I liked her best on the first playthrough, with a classmod that regenerated sniper ammo.
  6. Nisha, others will probably place her much higher because she can really deal out lots of damage. I don’t like the short duration of her skill and the fact that she’s a glass bullet. But to be honest, I haven’t played with her long enough to have a good opinion.

Отговор 2:

By far my favorite question to date.

Lets Get Started

Okay, beginning with Borderlands 1, which character is the best?

First of all, the best character could be highly dependent on which weapons you prefer. If you prefer certain weapons over others then it’ll effect which character is the best. Here’s a list of what weapons on focused by which character.

Mordekai - Sniper Rifles and Pistols

Roland - Assault Rifles and Shotguns

Lilith - SMGs

Brick - Explosive Heavy Weapons

Now, assuming you couldn’t care less which guns you use, I would vote Roland to be the best character in Borderlands 1.

Roland is safest yet strongest class with his ability to focus on any range combat. Also his ability, the scorpio turret, gives him health regeneration as well as a shield and the damn thing shoots stuff. What more could you want.

Mordecai is ranked second, Bloodwing is useful and Sniper Rifles as well as Pistols can be used in most situations.

Lilith is third, Phasewalk is good for getting out of bad situations as well as taking down strong enemies

Brick could be considered either the second best or the worst. He tends to be good at mowing down enemies with his fists. However, when it comes to bosses (such as the Rakk Hive and the Destroyer) his ability is almost completely useless.

Borderlands 2 is much more one sided however.

Hands down, Salvador is the best, there’s even a specific strategy which will allow you to take down any boss in 10 seconds guaranteed. Simply use a bit of slag then duel-wield the unkempt harolds and bosses are extremely easy.

Maya would be ranked #2, phaselock is extremely handy for those bosses nobody can seem to kill (with the exception of Salvador) is also does flat damage for enemies she cant lift.

Axton and Zero are tied for last. Zero is cool but his ability isn't the most useful. Axton is a poorly done remake of Roland with half the effectiveness

Finally, Borderlands The Pre-Sequal would be the most balanced of the three games.

Athena is ranked the best with her shield doing tons of damage and saving you in sticky situations.

Wilhelm is ranked #2 as his bots are extremely useful and easy to use.

Next being Nisha, does tons of damage and is almost tied with Wilhelm except her ability isn't as useful

Claptrap is a troll character just meant for fun.


I thought I would add the DLC characters as well as asked in the comments

Krieg - probably the worst character in Borderlands 2, he tends to run in and die much to often. He’s mostly meant for fun

Gaige - Makes the game way to easy imo. Most over powered character of all three games and the obvious best in Borderlands 2. Easy to play and tons of damage with her robot

Aurelia - Her ranking is completely dependent on whether or not you’re playing with other people. She’s good co-op but only decent solo

Handsome Jack - Absolutely amazing for a solo player and does exceptional late game. I wouldn’t suggest him for co-op as he has an extremely selfish play style


Отговор 3:

I haven’t played Borderlands 1, and didn’t get much into the Presequel (although from my understanding, Jack is one of the more insane characters).

In Borderlands 2, my vote goes towards Salvador. He’s onesidedly powerful. It’s ridiculous. But the number two spot goes to Krieg, in my opinion. I’m extremely surprised people have such negative opinions of him.

I spent roughly 60 hours on Krieg in-game and countless more doing my research and can confidently say that he’s got ungodly damage capabilities and ridiculous survivability, even without Moxxi weapons. Explosive builds making use of the fastball, Tediore rocket launcher reloads, pure melee, FotF + Hellborn and Bloodlust - there are at least half a dozen extremely viable and extremely chaotic ways to play Krieg, and he clears out rooms like absolutely nothing else in the game (bar Sal).

He’s less useful in raid bosses, but you can definitely make it work.

Check out Bew’s Krieg gameplay to see him in action. It might look like a lot of chaos or RNG, but if you take the time to learn how he works, he’s ridiculously powerful. His playstyle is quite counterintuitive and chaotic, but think of it like DOOM. Just kill, kill, kill, kill.